Scheduling for flow instrumentation (either sorter or a bench top analyzer) is on a first come, first serve basis.  It is essential to allow the Core lab as much advance notice as possible of the needed appointment time.  Notification of cancellations is also greatly appreciated.  If you are a first time user or are reserving time on the FACS Aria or Fortessa/LSR (for sorting or multi-color analysis), call the lab (312-908-1294) with the appointment request.  If you need a bench top analyzer and have undergone training, please feel free to use the NuCore online scheduler (click here for scheduler instructions).  Please NEVER use the online scheduler to reserve time on the Aria!  Due to the more complex nature of experiments utilizing these instruments and time allotment needed, a minimum one week advance notice is required.  Requests for data analysis / graphics production will be handled with a one week turnaround.